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Getting Published: Part 2

A bit lost in the world of self publishing or just unsure if it's for you? Take a gander at this!

Getting Published: Part 1

How? Why? What!?!??!! How do you even...?

Writing Techniques: Snowflake

Ever wanted to write a novel? Snowflake Method can help you along your way.

Scrivener! And other writing platforms.

Today I'm talking about Scrivener and my extensive (ha-ha) knowledge of the software itself. If you're interested to know more about the MS-Word-But-For-Writers, head on through to the main post.

I'm also running a small competition to give away my 50% discount code for Scrivener.

Whoever said Procrastination was bad?

Wednesday morning, and I'm stuck procrastinating - again! Between signing petitions and scrolling Pinterest for Valentine's Day ideas, I've uncovered some cool resources this morning.

Check out the full post to see what I've found!

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