Growing up17888122_1879788778957925_1682682049_n in the soggy hills of West Yorkshire, Blythe spent the colder half of the year curled up with any book she could get her hands on, writing stories, and inventing things with her sister, Natalie. In warmer months, the two could be found acting out these stories in the local fields.

Nowadays, Blythe lives a little further away from those beautiful hills, but does no less reading or writing.

She is working on finishing her first manuscript, Lines, and polishing her second manuscript, which is a science fiction adventure. Blythe has also scripted the first issue of a comic book, Greenhouse, and is looking forward to continuing the series.

Having completed her BA in English Literature with Creative Writing, she is currently undertaking an MRes for a year in which she will work on a Creative Writing project containing a collection of speculative short stories.

Her favourite genres are any and all speculative fiction, New Weird, YA, good urban fantasy, and historical fantasy.

In her spare time, she likes to review books, read comics, visit her family, make gorgeous meals for her fiancée and bake tonnes of brownies with her best friend. She can most often be found sipping coffee with her fellow graduates or tweeting about writing. Blythe has a penchant for tending unusual plants, her favourite of which was Audrey the VFT (RIP).