1. Dancing: Who’s dancing and why are they tapping those toes?


A never-ending rapping on the wall, made with toes and not knuckles. Dr. Heartland span around in his chair, looking down his nose at the culprit.

Juliet cocked her head and looked at him in the way he liked the most. It was what drew him to her, made him talk about her fondly to his peers, his colleagues, his family.

She had a very special place in his heart, and could never be replaced.

She watched him from across the room, her eyes as sharp as ever. She rapped on the wall again to the exact beat of the music from the radio. Heartland tapped his pen against his desk to accompany her.

‘Ah you like this one don’t you?’ A kind smile spread across his face, finding a home in the corners of his eyes and the lines on his face. He got up from his chair and crossed the room to Juliet, taking her on his arm and twirling her around with him.

She squealed in delight and put her arms out to steady herself – like she was soaring the wind, stood on the wings of some plane way up high. Heartland bent his knees to bob up and down, and she did the same, even joining in with her head, her whole body dancing.

‘I bet you’d be world famous if I showed you off to the right people.’ He tucked a finger underneath her chin and she bowed her head, blinking at him in affection.

Gently, he stroked her soft head. Juliet pushed into his touch and then flew off, back to her perch, tapping delightedly again on the wall to the jolly beat of the music.

‘The world’s best dancing parrot, eh?’




Lighthearted for today. And a late post. I wrote this a couple of days ago, and forgot to upload.