3. The Vessel: Write about a ship or other vehicle that can take you somewhere different from where you are now.



She closes her eyes, and she’s no longer there.


Gone from the world around her, it does not slip away but is gone within less than a second. Black all around. A pure nothingness, no dank walls, no pungent reminders of chores left untouched. She stretches her fingers – she knows they’re by her side, but she cannot feel them in the space which should be there. She wiggles her toes and it’s as though she’s stood on an invisible platform; no weight beneath her feet, something supporting her, but it is unseen.


She thinks of a place – a place she’s been before in her mind. With a person she’s only ever met here. She thinks of it and two seconds later she is there. Instead of black around her there are now brilliant colours of vibrant grass, healthy skies. A landscape nourished by itself and untarnished by the hands of industry or invasive science.


She looks down at herself and she is transformed; gone are the wheels she needs to move. Her legs are restored once again, sturdy, Her hands are smooth, unmarked, fingers straight and strong.


She takes a step forward, a smile spreading across her face again as always. She presses down through her boots and feels the spring of the grass beneath her. She closes her eyes and breathes in deep, trying to fill herself with the purity of the air as much as she can. She lets the gentle wind play with her fingers outstretched, feeling the soft buffets.


She opens her eyes and takes in colours; a rainbow of spectrum, not the dull world she is used to.



I played with the idea of the word “vehicle” in this – not as a car, or plane, but as a “mode of transportation”. This piece is relatively unfinished and I didn’t have an end goal for it in mind – perhaps each piece should have an “end goal” or a point to which I should aim.

I had a certain short story idea in mind with this one, however, and might take elements from this as part of that when I come to write it up.

Small reflections on this are good practice for me to be able to reflect on my current academic work, and focus on the process as I write – where the idea came from, what the aims for it were etc.

Admittedly I was a little distracted when I wrote this – writing in a public place is difficult, but something I’m working on.