How do you feel when you love someone who does not love you back?




Once bitten, twice shy

Retreat now into myself

Emerge years later


Mourn loss of own heart

Funeral for potential

Act forlorn for weeks


Remember there’s hope

Renewed sense of there’s-a-chance

Scold all disbelief



A relatively short one for today. A triplet of haikus, since I felt I had more to say than just one. I’ve never been much good at poetry (echoed a chorus of writers throughout the ages) but one form which has always stopped in my heart is the haiku. I love the simplicity, I love trying to capture a fleeting moment, a feeling, a snapshot. In a way it’s like taking a photo – in the way so many poems do – but without spending hours getting the lighting right.

Haiku might have always appealed to me as a writer because it’s so short, simple, fast to write, and takes less effort than a normal poem. I’m intrigued to know whether a haiku is more effective if there’s a better sense of rhythm – if the syllables in line two fall all at the end or all at the beginning, does it change the feeling of the haiku?

An experiment for another time, perhaps. Enjoy.

(As before, unedited, as all my short pieces tend to be).