Hello all!

A bit of a whimsical post this week. I know things have been quiet around here – I should really have had more posts up this month, but content has been slow and I’ve had other things on my mind. Namely, a funeral, a change of job, a new beginning, another death and some sad news of an impending one. So, a lot has been happening for me.

As it’s nearly the end of 2017, I just wanted to reflect back on the last year. What a whirlwind! One of the biggest things for me this year was how quickly circumstances and routine can change. I went from being an undergraduate to a graduate in the space of three months; then I had to move house (so, twice within 12 months). And I started my new job today.

I wanted to reflect on beginnings and ends, because it seems like an appropriate time to do so. I look back on the year and think about how much I’ve written – I haven’t written as much as I might have liked, but I’ve certainly written a fair bit. I got my first issue of my first comic finished. I wrote a short story which I’m really proud of. I’ve got the beginnings of ideas for other stuff floating about in my head.

It’s strange where we find ourselves beginning and how much time it seems to take to get to the end, but how far away it seems since I finished #notallparents, and Greenhouse #1. It’s really taken no time at all to get to the beginning of 2018.

So my promise to myself for next year is that I will be submitting something to agents. I will have something polished, gleaming, and ready to go with.

I’m excited.

On a final note, I’d like to wish you all a wonderful New Year, and hope that things are interesting for you next year. Smooth sailing can make us stagnate; we must always keep moving, and keep moving forwards.