This week I’ve got a guest poster – my very own fiancee! I love my comics, but I really wanted someone with The Knowledge of comic books to say something about what they think the best comics of all time are. His preference for comics is very cape-and-cowl stuff; he really likes his Superheroes. Now I know I’m not really that widely versed in comics to make a post like this stand out, as I’ve read maybe less than 20 different volumes of comics. But my better half really does devour comics as easily as some people eat a packet of Kitkats, so I asked him to part with his Knowledge in order to bring us this list!

Without further ado, starting with…

6. The Death of Captain Marvel by Jim Stalin

“Lots and lots of comics have made me cry… but this was the first one to really squeeze out those tears. He’s so iconic, and to have a superhero die like that… well now it’s pretty common and they never stay dead for long.

I guess it was also cool to make way for a new guy to take up the mantel. But this was shocking, and it also has really cool art and a cool cover too!”





5. Spiderman vs. Venom

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Spidey vs. Venom is a collected volume of stories in this arc… and boy what an arc it is! David Micheline and Todd McFarlane (of Spawn fame) do a really great job with this – it adds more depth to the character of Venom. This run of comics really adds a more human side to Eddie Brock; he’s not just some weirdo infected by the symbiote.

It’s also cool to finally find more out about the symbiote itself.”



4. A Death in the Family

Image result for a death in the family

“It’s one of those Batman comics everyone knows. It’s just… one of the most shocking. Most gruesome. Very poignant, because it’s the first Bat Family death, really. Something like this… I mean in the 80’s comics got darker anyway and the Batman ones really paved the way for that I think, this being one of the examples of that.

It’s obviously cool because it’s got the whole Bat Family in too, which is nice to see (if under dire circumstances) and features lots and lots of villains. Superbly better than The Dark Knight Returns or Long Halloween.”




3. V For Vendetta

Image result for v for vendetta comic cover“It’s a classic… and one of the first really obviously political comics I read. I think you’ve got to have something by Alan Moore on your list if you do one of these. I mean, he’s a genius in the comic book world. Everything he writes has an agenda.

Loved the art style, loved the symbolism, loved it. Really hated the film though of course it went a long way to contributing to the Anonymous movement which I think is cool in some ways and… not so cool in others. Amazing that a comic book has actually contributed to something of a social movement though!”



2. Volumes 1-10 Batman New 52 Run

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“There was a lot said about the New 52 but honestly? Some of my favourite Batman comics have come out of this.

I loved all the new origin stories, loved the writing. Some of the greatest Batman stories are in here and I guess some people have missed out because they’re really not into the New 52. But seriously, some stuff needs a reboot now and again. The universes get so convoluted it’s hard to keep up. You can’t just pick up wherever you want because you’re missing out on so much backstory.

At least these gave people a chance and I really liked how it took elements from things like A Death in the Family and became darker and more exciting.”


1. The Killing Joke“Might be done to death and on so many lists but… it’s still amazing to me. I think it’s just so many things to so many people and that’s why I have to put it at number one. Not just my number one comic of all time, but the best comic ever.

It’s a great origin story. It’s great writing. It’s got other cool origin stories in it (see: Barbara Gordon).

And it’s got an ending which really divides the fanbase which I love. Something which creates opinion and discussion is always good in my book.”




So there we have it! My future hubby’s top 6 comics of all time! What are your favourite comics and why? Let me know in the comics or on Facebook!