Hello all!

So there’s been little on the writing front for me for a couple of weeks, besides the last project I have to submit for assessment. That means I’m reading more. Recently the only stuff I’ve been trying to read are things I’ve had on the go in my bedside reading pile, and let me tell you, slogging through things you’ve been putting off for four years can be tiring.

In the last week or so I’ve finished Bernadine Evaristo’s Blonde Roots. I didn’t pick this up for leisure reading – it’s the final book on the reading list for my Contemp. Women’s unit. Overall I found myself skipping huge sections and skim-reading a lot of it. It’s a slave narrative, with black v. white turned on it’s head. It’s a major “what if” book. Usually I find myself enchanted with narratives such as this, but honestly this one didn’t grab me. I felt I had to finish it, however, since I’d invested in buying it for my course, and otherwise it will sit on my bookshelf until I decide to clear out and donate it.

Following that I’ve been cheeky and popped into Waterstones the other week to see what deals I could snap up. I’ve been trying to avoid this as it’s a bad habit of mine to hoard books until I’ve got a pile that needs reading (or a whole shelf as the case is at the minute). I should hold off buying new books until I’ve finished what I’ve had on the go for years, and probably need to establish some sort of system.

HOWEVER… (there was bound to be a ‘however’, wasn’t there?) I happened to go into Waterstones on the day Saga volume 7 was released (a day early, too!) and had a spare couple of quid knocking around that week. Of course Saga 7 came home with me! I read it within the day. I don’t want to judge Saga too harshly, because it hasn’t often let me down, but all I’ll say is at this stage it has begun to slow. I’m unsure if they’re setting up plot points for later, or if Brian is running out of steam, or… world…build…ing? Unsure what the jist of this new arc is, but I’m always glad I opt to buy it by the volume and not by issue, otherwise I’d be pretty pissed off at the way the story is going right now.

What else am I reading? Well… Stephen King’s ‘On Writing’ needs to be polished off before I can move onto ‘Bird by Bird’. Two books which I highly recommend for anyone hoping to delve into the world of authorship in the foreseeable future (although I have other suggestions which I am likely to explore in a later update).

There’s ‘Spark Joy’ on my list right now. It’s an odd little book, and I’m unsure whether I’m getting on with it or finding it exceptionally preachy.

I’m slugging through Brave New World. I usually struggle with ‘classics’ or ‘must-reads’ and this is no exception. I accept that books like this have ‘paved the way’ for more recent books in the genre, but honestly I find them dire and much, much too transparent in their message.

Other than that there’s not much in my on-going readings. What are you reading at the minute, and what’s been your favourite book so far in April?