Aside from my time spent writing fiction and working on my own projects, I also really, really enjoy reading and editing other people’s stuff. Feedback classes are some of my favourites – reading other writer’s ideas and learning what inspires them, what interests them and what sets their balls rolling on new projects is really motivational for me. Discussion often sparks a lot of useful thoughts for me, and that feeds into my other work.

Editing the work of others is intrinsic to these sessions. I’m pretty well known for giving detailed feedback and critical commentary on works in progress. Some of the more levelled up work I’ve had the pleasure to be involved with was the latest Grist project. This came to fruition about 2 years ago – the Grist 2017 competition was launched back in 2015 (which seems so, so long ago now…).

Final entries for this were in by January 2016. It seems crazy that it took a full year to get all the work done necessary for this anthology to get to publication, but it’s finally here! After weeks of reading through submissions, longlisting, shortlisting, emailing winners and collaborating with the selected authors to polish their work until it gleamed, we’re finally ready for launch!

I’m excited to be part of this project. The cover looks amazing. The content is fab. The authors are a great mix of previously self-published, graduate, experienced, celebrated and totally undiscovered.

Grist 2017 launches this Friday at 5.30pm at Epicure Bar, Huddersfield. Hoping to see some of you there!