So here I am, Wednesday morning. Avoiding doing what I’m supposed to be doing (that is, actual academic work). The usual procrastination sets in. So far this morning I’ve purchased a dress for a wedding I’m invited to in March, signed a petition for better facilities to recycle plastic bottles (you can sign here! ), and discussed Valentine’s Day ideas with my best friend.

But by far the BEST thing I’ve done this morning was discover

Currently in Beta, this online resource is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. for fantasy writers. I have no doubt that it could potentially be used by other genre writers, but it’s especially useful for people who need a map for their fantasy world. It’s pretty simple to get to grips with, and new features are added regularly.

It’s free at the minute, and hopefully it will stay that way. You can keep your maps on your personal account or you can download them to your computer for use later (maybe even put them into your manuscripts!). It would probably be a good idea to credit your use of Inkarnate as a program if you are going to use your created maps in any works intended for publication.

I think this is an incredible resource for writers who can’t afford to shell out to an artist to create something unique.

One of the best features on this is the fact that you can upload your own images to put onto the map. So if you are artistically inclined but you want to create your map using Inkarnate, you can put your own elements and objects onto the map and include them that way. It’s really easy!

I’ve not played about with a lot, but I did recreate a map of mine I had drawn roughly on paper. It looks good so far, I’m pleased with it. Hopefully when I have some more time I can make the full country and even the full blown world map… (excuse me while I procrastinate some more by drawing maps all day…).

The other resource I have found is Auto REALM. I haven’t downloaded this yet, but again, it could be a very useful piece of software for writers.

That’s all for today! I really should get on with what I was supposed to be doing, but it’s nearly lunchtime.

Adios for now,