A new blog! Oh, exciting times.

This is something that has been on the cards for me for a while. But the actual getting here part has been stalled over and over. I think I’m finally ready to start updating regularly about my writing progress and also what I’m reading!
I’ve never had the smoothest relationship with blogging. I’ve tried out a number of platforms – blogger was probably my first foray into the world of online journals. I stuck with it for a few years, but it was very much my personal space for ranting about teenage worries.

Then I had a brief stint on Livejournal. I’m not really sure how alive Livejournal is any longer as a platform, but if someone would like to tell me what’s going on in that part of the Internet I’d be interested to know.

Then came Tumblr, and I think microblogging really made my attention span dive-bomb for posting about a particular subject. When it’s so easy to just reblog and reblog and reblog… well, you get the picture. I’ve abandoned Tumblr; it’s saturated with a lot of pop culture and memes and honestly I think I might have outgrown it. It certainly has it’s uses, but it’s not for me any longer. Oh Tumblr, we had fun.

So here we are. Brand spanking new blog and – what to post about?

I’m planning on posting updates (when there are hefty updates worthy of more than just a Tweet per day) on my writing progress, things I’ve learned, experiences with writing, book reviews (you’ll see I’ve got a list of my current-reads from Goodreads there at the side!), and perhaps a smattering of my adventures into the wonderful world of plant care.

And potentially other things too – travelogues and such, which may become more frequent once I’ve graduated!
All the best for now, mi amigos.