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Writer, nature enthusiast, and lover of the unusual.

Eulogy for Bapcia

Eulogy for Bapcia.


Stream of consciousness prose for today.

Future Bodies – Review

Future Bodies - a play created in collaboration between two theatre companies, this explosion of colour, sounds and visuals is a powerful reminder of what our bodies and minds are capable of.

Me, Myself, and the Earth

Recycling seems like it should come second nature. But there’s definitely more to it than washing out your milk cartons and separating your cardboard.

On Friendship

In which I think about things too much, too deeply, and too often.

Book Review: Rotherweird

I stumbled across Rotherweird when attempting to buy a book for someone as a gift. Now maybe that’s a trap some people don’t want to fall into. Me, on the other hand, I saw it as a challenge. It was the second... Continue Reading →

Book Review: The Watchmaker of Filigree Street

Warning: bad review. Not that the review is bad itself, but that I did not enjoy this book.

#6: Astral

I'm fascinated by the stars, astrology, the cosmos, and anything to do with space. Sometimes it's nice to get away from all the "red shift" and "quantum" stuff, though, and just imagine.

#5: Food.

From a fun twenty minutes the other day.

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